At Refectio, we offer Basic Repairs, Advanced Repairs and Data Recovery & Software Services for your mobile computing devices. All of our Advanced Repairs are covered by a 6 Month Warranty. Please see our warranty page for more details. 

advanced Repairs

Water Damage

Did you drop your phone in the sink, the bath, the pool, the ocean, a puddle, slush...or worse? At Refectio, we can perform a Water Damage Service to your device and if required, replace damaged modular components and individual micro-electronic components to get it working again.

Please do not put your device in a bag of rice!! This is an internet myth and often causes more damage to your device. The secret to a successful water damage repair is having it quickly decontaminated by a qualified technician. 

The Liquid Decontamination Service includes:

  • Complete disassembly of the device,
  • Removal of the protective shields to insure that the entire surface of the main circuit board is accessible (the shields cover nearly 80% of the circuit board!),
  • Visual inspection under a microscope of the entire surface of the circuit board and of all the major components,
  • Decontamination treatment in a laboratory grade, sweep-frequency ultrasonic bath with specialized chemicals for delicate electronic circuit boards,
  • Displace any remaining water by immersing the circuit board in 99% pure isopropyl alcohol,
  • Dry the circuit board in an oven to eliminate any final traces of liquids.

Upon reassembly, a complete diagnostic will be performed to determine what needs to be repaired on your device. In some cases, a decontamination treatment may be sufficient. Otherwise, an estimate will be communicated to you; you can approve the repair or your device will be returned to you. 

All water damage repairs are subject to a Liquid Decontamination Service. After completion, the Water Damage Service is based on a "No Fix - No Fee" solution. If we cannot fix your device, then you will not be charged and it will be returned to you in a decontaminated condition. Please refer to our pricing schedule (see below) for more details.


Are you the victim of a repair gone wrong? Something as simple as replacing a screen or battery, if done incorrectly, can cause extensive damage to the circuit board, commonly referred to as "Pry Damage". Perhaps your device suffers from obscure problems that no one else can troubleshoot or repair, such as the backlight not working, the device not charging or the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). These are complex problems that require considerable skill and professional tools to resolve. Don't give up on your phone because someone else told you it couldn't be fixed. Entrust it to a micro-electronics technician at Refectio for professional Micro-Soldering Service

All Micro-Soldering Service repairs are based on a "No Fix - No Fee" solution. If we cannot fix your device, then you will not be charged. Please refer to our pricing schedule (see below) for more details.


Examples of Advanced Repairs

Water Damage

Liquid Damage

Liquid Decontamination



Pry Damage

Backlight not working

Device not charging


Long-screw damage

Connectors (i.e. Digitizer, LCD Camera, Dock etc).

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

To insure timely repairs, scheduling an appointment is preferable but walk-in and mail-in repairs are always welcome.