At Refectio, we offer Basic Repairs, Advanced Repairs and Data Recovery & Software Services for your mobile computing devices. All of our Basic Repairs include a 6 Month Warranty, including the battery. Please see our warranty page for more details.

Basic Repairs

Basic Repairs include repairs for cracked screens, dead or dying batteries, non-functional cameras or charging ports as well as many other typical failures (see below). Basic repairs are generally completed within an hour if no other complex failures are found within the device, such as water damage or pry damage.

Is the corner dented on your device and impeding the installation of a replacement screen? Many repair shops will charge you an extra fee to remove the dent. Some manufacturers will outright refuse to replace a screen on a physically damaged device and instead will only offer a full device replacement at a much higher cost. There are no surprises or hidden fees with Refectio; all of our services are solution-based and priced on a flat-rate basis.

Basic Repairs are based on a "No Fix - No Fee" solution. If we cannot fix your device, then you will not be charged and it will be returned to you in the same condition as when it came in. Please refer to our pricing schedule (see below) for more details.


Examples of Basic Repairs

LCD  (Display)

Digitizer (Touch Screen)

Charge Port


Front Camera (Selfie)

Rear Camera


Lock Button

Home Button

Volume/Silence Button

Headphone Port


Ear Speaker




Proximity Sensor

Ambient Light Detector

WiFi/Bluetooth Antenna

Cellular Antenna

To insure timely repairs, scheduling an appointment is preferable but walk-in and mail-in repairs are always welcome.