At Refectio, we offer Basic Repairs, Advanced Repairs and Data Recovery & Software Services for your mobile computing devices. 

Data Recovery

Is your phone is physically damaged beyond a cost-effective repair or has it suffered too much corrosion-related damage? Let Refectio recover your precious data such as pictures, videos, game saves, text messages or whatever else you value with our Data Recovery Service. This service focuses on recovering DATA, not on recovering a functional phone.

The device may require extensive cleaning, such as the Liquid Decontamination Service, or modular and micro-electronic component replacement performed for the purpose of recovering data. There will be no effort provided to make the device usable in any form after the data recovery was attempted. The device will be returned to the customer in similar condition to when it arrived for Data Recovery and may be non-functional. Data Recovery Services are not repairs and, as such, are not covered by warranty. Please see our warranty page for more details. 

Any device that is water damaged is subject to a Liquid Decontamination Service. Data Recovery Services are based on a "No Data - No Fee" solution. If we cannot recover your data, then you will not be charged and the device will be returned to you in the same condition as when it came in. 

Software Issues

Are you struggling with configuring your device for mail, cloud services, shared calendars and contact lists? Would you like to go back to previous version of your device operating system (i.e. iOS)? Refectio can help you properly configure your device for advanced functionality.

Are you considering secure data backup strategies for your device? Refectio can help you put in place a data backup solution that meets your needs to preserve your important data.

To insure timely repairs, scheduling an appointment is preferable but walk-in and mail-in repairs are always welcome.